“My E.R. session with Ms. Bennett helped me release the emotional scaring that had plagued my heart and subconscious memory for over twenty years, which prohibited me from having a successful, trusting, and loving relationship. I could not help the flight or fight response that would present itself each and every time someone wanted to be involved in a committed relationship with me. I would do whatever it took to sabotage the relationship. I believed I could not be successful in a relationship and it was fear of failure that kept me running.

Why I chose E.R.; like many who carry old hurts, I was emotionally intelligent enough to realize that my person was being affected by hauntings of the past. I attended therapy sessions, read self-help books, created a deeper relationship with God, and attended more therapy. While many of these treatment modalities were successful to a point, I still found myself in that space where I felt most safe…alone. I felt better alone, with no one to create an emotional whirlwind within my soul. It was in my aloneness that I did not have to face my old hurts. I could keep them buried as long as I choose not to share myself completely with another. It wasn’t until I encountered one very stubborn soul who would not succumb to my destructive behaviors, that I realized I was in need of a deeper healing if I wanted to be successful at love and intimacy. Talk therapy would not do. Praying, yoga, wine would only mask my emotional eruptions, not remove them.

The E.R. session with Ms. Bennett reached the core of causativeness for my damaging behaviors. The emotional memories that were created from growing up in a violent household and witnessing repeated failures of relationships were secured deep within my heart and mind, safeguarding me from what I had learned to be love.

Today, I am engaged to marry the stubborn soul who loved me unconditionally and I no longer experience fear of intimacy. I am able to love wholeheartedly without fear and be a better partner. I am thankful to God and Kathy and her gift to help me and others like me to be free of emotions that do not promote a fruitful life.” 

 – S.R., MN

“I have suffered from flashback of sexual abuse from my childhood. It has cost me relationships, the drive for success in a variety of careers and my self-esteem. Kathy took me by the hand, like a tour guide to my potential. It was like she held me in front of a mirror to my own light reflecting back at me. Since I met her, I have become engaged to a man a woman dreams of. I had the courage to start a new business and I love myself, and my children have benefited from my happiness!!!”

– W.M., Pine River, MN

“Kathy is a very intuitive healer. She combines a variety of healing techniques flawlessly and is very open about sharing her knowledge. I am actually sleeping on my own without medication. I feel better emotionally and physically than I have for years.”

– P.H., Duluth, MN

“I have had a few sessions of Angel Readings and have been blown away. Each session has been inspiring and self-reflective. I have recently experienced the Emotional Release. During the session, I felt very relaxed and upon completion of the session I felt a weight had been lifted. But it wasn’t what happened during the session that was incredible, it was the days and weeks that followed. My life changed. The two situations that were causing my stress were completely healed without effort. Everything seemed to fall into perfect place.

When I finally learned to “let go,” to “release my emotional attachment” to the situation, the problems healed themselves in such a way I couldn’t believe. God truly answers prayers, sometimes we just need a little guidance to let ourselves truly believe God can. Kathy is that guidance.

– K.G., Proctor, MN

“A few months ago, I was planning suicide. I had all of my ducks in a row. I was invited to an Angel Reading party, and I could not make it. Kathy told me I was not supposed to go. It would not have gone well for me at all. I was being protected. So she did a reading for me on the phone. I was told by the angels that everything was going to be alright, in GREAT detail.

EVERYTHING has gone exactly as she told me! I have a complete new life! The change is so fast and scary that I was beginning to get scared and lose trust. Lose my path.

Kathy did another reading for me, and I have to say with her track record. I am excited! I KNOW I’m on the right path and being guided. She gave me direction and confirmation with instruction. My confidant, my friend, she has made such a tremendous difference and truly played a huge part in keeping me from “opting out.”

Kathy, I cannot thank you enough, no words can express what you have done for me! Love and Light Dear One, you are such a blessing to this world & to me.”

– K.E., WI

“I have enjoyed learning Reiki 1 and look forward to learning Reiki 2. Kathy Bennett is a wonderful teacher and has made this experience very enjoyable. When I first did the Reiki 1 I had cold sores on my bottom lips – by the day after my session they were completely gone.”                                                                                                                                                                            

– S.C.,Hermantown, MN

“I really was surprised to feel the relaxation AND power in Reiki 1 – and no one was even touching me! Also, for the next two weeks afterwards, I didn’t anger as quickly and had much more loving feelings toward others, even those I never felt good about before. Thanks so much Kathy, it was great.”

– D.C., Hermantown, MN


“I can breathe again!!! I can’t remember the last time I could breathe like this! Amazing!”

–G.M., New Jersey

“My Head feels so light and Free. WOW! I feel so relaxed and that’s not easy for me. My Pain is so much better”

– S.K., Long Island, NY

“Thank you to all who have crossed my path. I learn and grow from every interaction. Thank you!”

– Kathy Bennett

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