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“There are many great healing techniques,

but when combined together to create change,

many great results can occur” - K.B.

Energy Therapy

This term was first used in Minnesota Hospitals referencing people who were trained in eastern and western technology of restoring, rebalancing patient’s energy so they seemed to be calmer before and after surgery. They found these people used less medication and their recovery time was quicker.

An energy therapist was trained in energy movement such as Reiki – Japanese - (I am a Reiki Master), Qigong – Chinese – (I am a qigong practitioner) or Healing Touch – Western- ( yes, I’ve studied this too ).  





It wasn’t until I realized that my spiritual and personal life had been negatively impacted due to the amount of stress I had endured during my 15 years of restaurant ownership that I was forced to evaluate my life and refocus my energy.  It was during this time that I began to train in healing modalities that offered personal rejuvenation physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I started my new business in Energy Healing with my beloved friend, Joy Keachie.  Joy left this earth within two months of our new venture.  Although her departure was unexpected.  I know she helped guide me to where I am today.  In her loving memory, “Joys of Stress Management,” remains true to its origin of helping others to heal and achieve their maximum capacity of JOY, LIGHT, and LOVE.

I am very grateful to be able to continue my journey of spiritual development and growth, and I am honored to share gifts with you.

Sending out Loving Light, Healing & JOY to all


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