We don’t often think to understand quite how a cell phone works. We know there are cell towers that radio frequencies are transmitted from one tower to another. We place that call by pushing a few buttons and trusting that it will connect! I am connected! It doesn’t matter if its across town or around the world, I AM CONNECTED!

This can be pretty much the same philosophy with distant energy therapy. We are all energy and we are all connected! You’ve probably heard about the twins living in different towns, different lives yet know exactly when something has happened to their twin. Or, when the mother that has the uncanny knowing something is up with their child. There is an explanation for all of this. I don’t think you what the quantum physic versions of it all so, if you can just put out there, “I may not understand exactly how this works and yet, I am open to connect to anything that will help me!” This is your quantum energy voice to the universe bring it through to me, connect with me and it will. There is no distance in energy work as we are all connected.  

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