If you are reading this, you found me!

I thank you in advance for having an awareness I can assist you. I know that is why we found each other. I look forward to working with you to share what I love to do and what I am so passionate about! Let me give you a bit of my background of my journey and how I got to where I am today as an intuitive energy therapist.

It all began when my mom died of cancer when I was 22 when she was just 47. I didn’t understand how this vibrant woman who was always on the go and raising six children could get sick and leave us. I especially felt powerless to do anything to help her. There seemed to be nothing we could do. This started my quest for answers and different ways to look at healing, especially when conventional health methods could not save my mom.

Life brought me another push when my middle daughter was in 8th grade and was going to need a drastic surgery. Fear set in and a gut feeling told me that there was something else that could be done. As I was asking, praying and begging for guidance, I was led to a holistic chiropractor. I had no idea how a chiropractor could help my daughter’s hearing and I surely didn’t understand the holistic approach at that time. Through Kinesiology and muscle testing, she determined that there were some trapped emotions and food allergies that was causing her hearing loss.

We were told to get her off gluten and dairy immediately. We started this on that Wednesday and by Monday, we were off to see the doctor to have a procedure to fix her hearing loss. It had only been 5 days since we took these alternative actions so I did not know what to expect. After he confirmed his plan to operate by drilling the Mastoid bones and installing permanent hearing aids, I asked him to look at her ears one more time after explaining what we did. When he resisted my request, I demanded he check her again. He did and realized her ears were almost back to normal. He was amazed, and we left without any procedures or major surgery!

The stress and dis-ease in my family was challenged again when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. This led me to search even deeper how to cure moderate and even dire health condition with what I was learning about. (OUT, and yet it still led me to what I love now with all my heart!)

I first heard the term Energy Therapist in Minnesota in the hospitals where I worked. Anyone who was trained in Eastern or Western modalities of healing, moving life force energy without the use of any medication was called “Energy Therapists.” The more they used us, the greater results they found in their patients. Many patients reported feeling more at ease, they needed less medication and recovered quicker when energy therapists were used.

I am a Reiki Master which is a Japanese version of this energy healing. I also studied the Chinese version with World Qigong Master Chunyi Lin. I teach groups where I share this knowledge. I also studied the Western version of Energy Movement called Healing Touch. Through all of this, spirit has even brought methods of my own which I so want to share with you to assist you to feel Joy again!

In Gratitude,

Kathy Bennett