I Highly Recommend these on your book shelves as extremely useful tools to medical information and assistance! (Remember to check with your doctor before beginning or ending something new)

Anthony Williams is a medical medium which means he has been getting his information from the Creative Source since he was 8 years old. He is 10 to 20 years ahead of the medial society on his knowledge because he is getting it directly from Source.  He has helped millions all around the world with mysterious illnesses. He has free information and testimonials on Medical Medium Facebook and Instagram. He has free podcasts on hayhouseradio.com and there is a free app for on your phone. Just check out the schedule when he speaks. Here are his books.

Medical Medium

Life Changing Foods

Thyroid Healing

Liver Rescue

This link will have connections to all his books, blogs, radio, Facebook and Instagram:  www.medicalmedium.com

Here’s another great source for a portion of his work, How Celery Juice Can Heal Your Life: How Celery Juice can Heal your Life: https://youtu.be/tScF4IrG95U